Jeanette Hammond

Jeanette came to us as a former “client volunteer”, having retired from state government after 30 years of service.  During her state government tenure, Jeanette served as Administrative Assistant to the Attorney General and Secretary of State, and ended her career in government with the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety as Director of the North Carolina Boxing Commission.  At the time of her retirement, Jeanette was the only female Boxing Commissioner in the United States. During that tenure, she held the office of Secretary of the National Association of Boxing Commissioners, where she was also the first woman to hold a national office.

After joining the firm full time as an administrative assistant, Jeanette easily adapted to long hours and hard work.  She graduated, with honors, from Hardbarger Junior College of Business in 1969. Jeanette is the oldest of two girls and the very proud mother of one daughter, Shelli. In October 2010, she married Tom Hammond and is now step-mother to his son Justin.

Jeanette was born and raised in Zebulon, North Carolina, where she and Tom continue to live. She is an avid sports fan and best known as an “ABC Fan”, (anybody but Carolina). In her spare time, she enjoys doing event planning and fundraising, especially those events involving children’s charities.