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In North Carolina, an initial child custody determination is made using a standard test known as best interest of the child standard.

In general, North Carolina courts do not favor one gender over another in custody disputes. It is becoming more and more common for fathers to be the primary custodians of their minor children. If you are in a custody dispute, it is important to remember several things.

First, do not forget that the other parent is your child's parent. Remember, no matter how you feel about the other parent, your child should not be subjected to these harsh feelings.

Make a list of potential witnesses. It is always a good idea to have someone who can testify as to your involvement with your child. Stay involved with your child's everyday life, even if you are separated.

Visit the school, to scouting activities, take your child to church and, by all means, talk to your child as often as possible without being excessive. Keep a journal. Try to come up with reasons why you should be the custodial parent rather than reasons why the other parent should not be the custodial parent.

If your child is old enough, listen to what he or she is saying, but don't put the child in a position where the child thinks he or she must choose.

Because of the delicate nature of custody matters, it is generally a good idea if the parents can agree to a custody arrangement without the need of a court fight; however, that is not always possible.

Judges look at the level of involvement each parent has had in the lives of their children. They also look at which parent can best foster a loving relationship with the other parent. Teachers, neighbors, doctors, friends and family are all very good witnesses in custody actions.

Before seeing your attorney, make a journal and detail why you should be primary custodian instead of the other parent.