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Child support in North Carolina is based on an income sharing method. Child support is set pursuant to the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines taking into consideration such things as childcare, health insurance and other extraordinary expenses.

Absent some compelling reason, courts generally do not deviate from these guidelines. In North Carolina, both parents have a duty to provide support to their children. Child support cases are generally straightforward. The difficulty usually comes when you have self-employed parents or when the income of the parties exceed $300,000 per year.

If you are a self-employed parent, it is a good idea to keep as much documentation showing your income as possible. North Carolina Child Support Guidelines only apply to parents whose combined incomes are $300,000 or less per year. If the combined income is more than this amount, the Court will look at what the reasonable needs and accustomed standard of living for the children is.

Both parents should keep receipts and be able to present their version of the expenses for raising the children.